Golf Lessons & Instruction @ the Aspen Golf Club

Lessons for All Ages & Levels of Experience

Whether you're looking to fine-tune your game or are just starting out, the Aspen Golf Club offers lessons for all ages & levels of experience. Please refer to the list below for more specific information.

Improve any area of the game: full swing, short game, putting, mental approach or on course management. We can discuss your game to see where you are losing your strokes and spend time in the area that will make the biggest impact on your game. Hour lessons, half hour and multiple hour lessons are available. See our 2017 flyer:

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    Private Coaching

    General Lesson Info
    Location › Practice Facilities @ the Aspen Golf Club
    Age Groups › Youths / Adults / Seniors
    Dede Cusimano / LPGA Instructor
    Phone › (914) 924-2126
    Jack Small / PGA Instructor
    Phone › (970) 987-4285
    Lesson Info
    This personalized coaching program with Dede or Jack will help you become the best golfer you can be. It's all about fewer strokes and better scores. Ongoing coaching includes your game assessment, goal setting, and one hour instruction on the practice facilities and two hours on the golf course per week.