Bunker Project Plan 2019

Bunker Project Plan 2019

We are pleased to report that renovation work on our sand bunkers, hole 7 from the tee to the landing area and several tees on the golf course will commence immediately in the spring with anticipated completion in June.  

Due to construction impacts, we will be offering 2018 Early Season Golf Pass pricing during our March Pre-Season Sale from 3/1 - 3/31!


Read our press release below. Questions? Call Steve Aitken at 970-920-5719

PRESS RELEASE: Renovation on Golf Course Sand Bunkers, Tees, and Hole 7 to Commence in Spring

Aspen, Colorado – February 20, 2019 – The Aspen Golf Course is soon to undergo renovation work on sand bunkers, hole 7 from the tee to the landing area, and several tees on the golf course.  Construction is set to begin in early spring and anticipated to be completed in June.

The sand bunker renovation is needed due to the inconsistency of sand quality in the course’s current bunkers,” Director of Golf, Steve Aitken, CGCS said. “This project will improve sand quality and complement our nationally recognized golf course.  In addition, architectural style of the bunkers and locations will be adjusted in ways that are consistent with advancements in the golf industry.”

The Aspen Golf club has selected the best technology for its unique 8,000 feet environment.  The bunker system was developed by a staff member of the Augusta National Golf Club, where the legendary Masters is held. The “Better Billy” system provides more consistency through better drainage for water and a polymer lining base that prevents unwanted material from finding its way into the sand.  The new bunker style has been utilized for the past several years in new golf course construction and renovations.  It is superior in providing quality playing conditions with Aspen’s adverse climate.

Aitken said, “This is just another step in the continued improvement of our already highly regarded golf course.  For years we have been following the masterplan that was developed shortly after they hired me 26 years ago.  There were several other projects before this one.  Becoming a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, shaping and establishment of native and wildflower areas from soil brought over from the Burlingame Housing project, installing a new irrigation system saving millions of gallons of water per year, installation of water features, greens and tee modifications, and more.  We continue to improve upon our golf course and for me it’s my passion and what I live for.”

Due to the construction impacts, the Aspen Golf Course is extending last year’s season pass prices to those who wish to purchase a pass between March 1 -31.  After that, 2019 pricing will apply.  

Learn more at aspengolf.com.  Questions about the renovation project: Steve. Aitken@cityofaspen.com or 970-920-5719.